My Letter to Trader Joe’s

So Trader Joe’s claims here that all their brand name products are GMO free.  However, as much as I love Trader Joe’s, there are some sketchy ingredients that I have trouble believing are GMO free.  So I wrote them a letter:

Hi there,

I am a long time customer of Trader Joe’s and am so happy to have a store near my home in Brentwood. I do all my weekly shopping at your Antioch location even though it is the furthest local grocery store in my area.

You claim here on your website and in your store that all Trader Joe’s brands are GMO free. However, I have noticed some ingredients that I am skeptical of in your brand name foods. For example, in the Honey Graham Crackers you have “Soy lecithin” listed. How are you verifying that all your ingredients are in fact coming from non GMO seeds. Especially being that 90% of soy is genetically modified and it is listed in the ingredients of many of your products.

Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to your response.


Jacquelyn 🙂

I will post back once I get a response!

Trader Joes Response just 2 days later……

Dear Ms. McVicker,

Thank you for contacting us.  When developing products containing ingredients likely to come from genetically modified sources, we have the supplier of the product in question perform the necessary research to provide documentation that the suspect ingredients are from non-GMO sources.  This documentation is in the form of affidavits, identity preserved certification of seed stock, and third-party lab results from testing of the ingredients in question.

In addition to this work done in developing a given item, we perform random audits of items with suspect ingredients, using an outside, third-party lab to perform the testing.  Given our position on GMO ingredients in our Trader Joe’s label products and the work done in support of that position, it is our expectation that our products test as non-GMO.

Hope this helps,
Customer Relations



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